Although Harary's magic may look American, the fact is its roots are not in the west but rather in one of the most truly magical places on the planet... the seldom traveled country of Bangladesh. Join Harary as he goes on a search, a quest for his origins... a quest for real magic. Shot live in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Franz Harary meets the magicians of this country that have not only defined the art form but continue to reinvent it. In the jungles and countryside, share the wonder with Harary as he meets real life witch doctors still performing the same ancient magic that they did thousands of years ago. On stage, at The Dhaka National Theater, Harary joins a number of international performers during the countries first ever magic conclave. And, of course, on the street Franz takes his magic to the people sharing his illusions with the culture that started it all. That and more as Franz attempts to make a full size helicopter disappear in flight. All in the fantastic country of Bangladesh.