Now available for syndication Franz Harary Productions is proud to offer the award winning series Magic Planet.
This totally original thirteen part series follows Franz Harary and his crew throughout the globe.
In every case we watch the amazing stories unfold as his U.S. based team interacts with the international communities that have invited Franz to share his magic with them.
Over the course of the series, you'll witness many of Harary's record breaking Mega Illusions including the Vanish of the Space Shuttle, The Disappearing of the Taj Mahal, and Moving a Volcano Out To Sea.
In addition, you'll watch along with live audiences in stadiums and arenas as Franz brings his high energy spectacular form of illusion to life on stage.
Finally, you'll share the excitement with Franz and his friends as they take to the streets .
Watch the real magic unfold as he performing illusions one on one with the people of these countries that are already magical in their own right.
In every one of these thirteen one hour programs, Magic Planet reviels itself a showcase for Harary's special brand of state of the art wizardry .
More importantly, it also becomes a magical show-and-tell highlighting the artistry of literally hundreds of magicians from around the world.

Along the way Harary takes us into the shadows and lets us in on some of his clockwork operations.
You'll see hints of long kept secrets that may cause you to challenge your own sense of reality.
Above all, you'll be stunned to learn of the amazing matrix of science , psychology and technology that makes his magic so powerful.

If this weren't enough Harary even asks the ultimate question,,, is their real magic?
If there is,, than no one in the world is more qualified to verify it than Franz Harary.
In the course of his global trek, he has made it his quest to seek out the real thing , and bring it to you.

Join Franz Harary for a truly magical odyssey of illusion.
In the end you'll discover that we all share a magic planet.
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