In the last 25 years Franz Harary has designed some of the most ground breaking illusions in the history of the art form. Today he attempts the ultimate illusion...cloning himself. Join Harary with his team of 50 people as they travel to the Seoulland Theme Park in Seoul, Korea and attempt to reproduce the entire show with a duplicate magician. Watch the magic unfold as Harary tries to mold a young Vegas performer into an exact copy of himself. Can he do be the judge. Along the way witness some of Harary's most spellbinding illusions including the impalement of his body by 50 swords; the appearance of a woman in a mirrored sphere; the stretching of a volunteer from the audience into a kind of rubber band man: and the levitation of a real person live on stage. In the end the magic of Korea and their magicians brings it all together as Harary attempts to vanish a 50 passenger tour bus.