One could arguably say that in the entire world there is one place that has become the capital for modern magic and the sorcerers who perform it. This is not some mysterious rain forest, magical city or forbidden village but rather one of the most visible places on the planet.

A place that currently has more working magicians, illusionists, sleight of hand artists, escapologists and all around magic makers than anywhere else, at any time, throughout the history of the art form.

In this original one hour program,Franz Harary takes you to this fantastic city in the desert.
Las Vegas.
While there Harary introduces us to many of his old friends who are lighting up the strip with their unique style of illusion. He also takes us deep into the dark subculture of Vegas magicians and their community. We meet those magical stars at the top of the marquee as well as the many talented performers waiting in the wings to replace them at a moments notice.
You'll witness the magic of Rick Thomas, a Vegas headliner who performs his amazing effects with white tigers and spectacular on stage illusions.
You'll meet Jeff McBride, one of the most progressive cutting edge magicians of our time. His new age philosophies ring true to the fantastical imagery he creates for his audience.
Eugene Berger, magician, philosopher gives us his unique insight into magic and mankind's core need to believe in it. Along the way Franz Harary attempts to execute one of the most spectacular illusions of our time, the invisibility of the Stratosphere Observation Tower, the tallest structure west of the Mississippi.
Can he do it? You be the judge.
In the end, Franz Harary's Vegas is an amazing showcase of modern magic as seen through the people performing it.