Like every industry in the world there is no greater critic than the peers and fellow workers who share the experience.
If you want a good restaurant ask a chef and if you're looking for the next greatest magician where better to go to than the top magicians of our day.

In this hour long original episode Franz Harary has collected five of the most celebrated wizards of our time beginning with Christopher Hart. Aside from being an award winning magician you know his hand as "Thing, for the Adam's Family movies.
He is joined by Murray Sawchuk one of the most cutting edge young performers to come along in years.
Then there is magician/effects designer Greg Mulvey along with internationally acclaimed comedian and magician Joe Monti.
Topping it off is the master of them all Mr. Billy McComb. In his seventy years as a magician he has seen more talent come and go than anyone else in the field. He has worked with the greatest names of our time and created spectacular pieces of magic that continue to remain classics.
Franz joins this panel of experts as they review video tapes submitted by magicians from around the world.
These segments include Chezaday, a spandex clad illusionist helplessly trapped in the year 1987. There's an outrageous escape artist from Australia and an Indian magic duo that is not to be believed.
In fairness to the critics Harary offers up some of his own vintage videos to be "reviewed." who will be the next magician's magician? Find out for yourself.