In the history of magic Franz Harary has quite simply redefined the art form. Over the years Harary has developed a new kind of illusion... one on a massive scale; from vanishing buildings to making airplanes and boats appear, disappear and transform. The international press has coined this 21st century wizardry "Mega Magic." In this program witness Harary as he materializes an actual World War Two military tank; makes the Goodyear Blimp disappear; causes an A-330 airliner to materialize in the middle of an empty runway; go to Pearl Harbor and disintegrate the Missouri (one of the U.S. Navy's prized battleships); and even make the SR-71 (the world's fastest airplane) vanish at the speed of light. All these including an array of illusions live on stage as well as magic on the streets shared with the real people on location.