Over the years Harary's magic has taken him to some of the most truly amazing places in the world. During this all new, one hour program Harary returns to look at many of the places that have shared his magic.
In Changzhau, China, we watch Franz and his team do their thing before a stadium audience of 20,000.
In Bangkok Thailand, Harary takes his magic to the people of this beautiful land.
In Lima, Peru, Franz challenges his own art form and leaves his illusion team behind as he sets out onto the streets to do magic one on one for the people of this South American capitol.
Along the way we are entertained by Alec. A Ukrainian clown who creates a magic all his own and many of Harary's own stage illusions.
The entire show comes to you shot live on location from a southern California based airport. At this undisclosed government location Harary prepares for and attempts one of the most ambitious effects of his career. He will try to vanish a high performance stunt airplane in mid flight at a speed of 200 miles per hour as it heads directly towards him.